Room 1-09: The Break Room

You're now halfway through, numerically, and you definitely deserve a break. And a VindiqoQo. These legendary caffeinated candy bars have been banned across the world. But here in *&#@$() they're still legal. Take advantage while you can!

Hint 1: Get the Power Back

Little will work until you get the power reconnected. Maybe take a look in the large metal cabinet.

Hint 2: Solve the Circuit Puzzle

Just like the UV room, this room needs a circuit puzzle to be completed. It's bigger, it's more powerful, and it's a little bit tougher. But you can do it. We know you can!

Hint 3: The Token Keyboard

If you've been playing without sound until now, you've been missing a lot. But this is the point at which you really need headphones. Press the red button on the token keyboard, and listen to the four-note tune. Now you play that same tune. (Sorry, it's different each time... Otherwise we'd tell you what it was.) After you've matched the tune, pick up the pair of tokens.

Hint 4: The Vending Machine

Drag those tokens from your inventory to the vending machine's token slot, and buy something! Your pick! Really! We recommend a VindiqoQo candy bar. It won't help you escape, but it tastes so good. The only problem is, you'll probably have to head back to the Token Keyboard, and beat it again. This time, it plays six notes. Bwahaha!

Hint 5: The Cabinet

Once you've bought the key...

...and the VHS tape from the vending machine, use the key to unlock and open the cabinet. Add the tape to the VCR under the TV.

Turn on the TV. Remember the four symbols that appear on the screen...

...and tap those same buttons on the exit door pad.

Nice going!