Room 1-08: The Warehouse

The toughest room yet. No maps. Few in-game hints. And a whole lot of Chuckles Five. He's Vindiqo's reigning tic-tac-toe champion. And there's only one way to beat him.

Hint 1: Get the UV Goggles

If you're a tic-tac-toenophile, you might not need the UV goggles. But grab them anyway. They're in the corner, to the right when you walk in. Yes, another switch puzzle. Yes, this one is harder. You know how to do this...

Hint 2: Beat Chuckles Five at Tic-Tac-Toe

The tic-tac-tombrero-wearing, UV-glassed, and Splurge Soda-armed Chuckles Five is in the middle of the room, next to a curious collection of blank post-it notes. If you were wearing your own UV goggles, they might make a bit more sense. In fact, they might reveal his strategy, and tell you how to win!

Hint 3: REALLY Beat Chuckles Five at Tic-Tac-Toe

Can't get those UV goggles? Okay, play any corner move. Chuckles Five will counter with the center.

Now play the opposite corner. He'll grab a corner, primed for a win.

Now block his win, and he'll get confused. There's no way for him not to lose, so go for the gold! Once you've won, Chuckles Five admits rare defeat, and activates all modes of product transportation.

Hint 4: Get Out

Ride the first elevator to the fifth floor, L5. Take a right out of the elevator, and a left onto the conveyor belt. Step off onto the wooden platform, and jump down onto the perpendicular conveyor belt. Then quickly jump off onto the walkway to the right.

That last jump, from a better angle...

Enter the first of the two elevators, and again take that to the fifth floor, L5.

Exit the elevator, and take two quick left turns. Leap onto the moving walkway, and follow it to the end. Press the button.

Walk through the elevator between you and the exit door, up the ramp, and out of the warehouse. You did it!