Room 1-07: The Edison Museum

Many years after his death, Thomas Edison remains the eternal president of Vindiqo, and this curious museum celebrates all of his greatest inventions. The electric chair, moving pictures, even the Edison coil.

Hint 1: Find the Generator Pieces

Nothing in the room will work until the generator, the "Edison Dynamo" -- nothing to do with Faraday's invention -- has been fixed. There are four missing pieces, scattered around the room.

  • The top of the dynamo is sitting on a metal apothacary cabinet, in the front center of the room.
  • One iron core is just past the movie projector, under a window.
  • The second iron core is to the right of the organ, against the back wall.
  • The handle-switch is on the long table between the Edison Coil and the old phonograph.

Hint 2: Repair the Generator

Use those four pieces to assemble the generator. (The generator is on the right wall, just beyond the "Edison Power Generator" blueprint.) First, drop one of the coils on the base. The drop the other in the same area. Drop the wooden box on top, and the handle to the right. It should start up again.

Hint 3: Send Electricity Around the Room

Flip a switch on the Edison Power Relay board, behind the generator, and sparks may start to fly. Smoke will churn out.

Each powered object has a color code and a required voltage. For example, the Edison Electric Chair (not invented by Harold Brown and Arthur Kennelly) requires 2640V be sent to blue.

Turn the Power Relay's 2640V dial to blue, and throw the switch. Now you can use the electric chair! (Do NOT touch the electric chair.)

Hint 4: Start the Projector

Turn the Power Relay's 120V dial to orange, and flip the switch. A movie plays! It looks like "The Dickson Experimental Sound Film," but it's not a sound film at all. In fact, it's silent. To hear the sound, you'll need to find a wax cylinder (an old record) to play along with it. If there was one here, it would probably be kept somewhere safe...

Hint 5: Open the Safe

The safe is locked, as a safe should be. Turn the safe's dials to match (in order) the codes from the Vindiqo film, and it'll pop right open.

Hint 6: Play the Recording

Grab the wax cylinder -- an old record -- from the safe...

...and place it in the Edison phonograph. Make sure to send 100V of power to green on the power relay. A recording will play, and it's very informative...

Hint 7: Send a Telegram

As directed in the wax cylinder recording, send the message "Hello" (a word in many ways invented by Edison) using the Edison Telegraph by the exit door. (It's a small device, so it only needs 6V of power sent to the purple device.)

There's a morse code cheat sheet hanging by the exit door, but if you're really stuck:

  • To send "H", press the left "dot" button four times
  • To send "E", press the left "dot" button once
  • To send "L", press the left "dot" button once, the right "dash" button once, and the left "dot" button two times
  • To send "L", press the left "dot" button once, the right "dash" button once, and the left "dot" button two times
  • To send "O", press the right "dash" button three times
  • Or, just send · · · · · · — · · · — · · — — —
  • Which is six dots, one dash, three dots, one dash, two dots, and three dashes.
And as soon as you send "Hello", we can say goodbye to Edison. For now.