Room 1-06: The Space Fracking Simulator

Environmentalists complain that fracking -- or hydraulic fracturing, a dangerous way of extracting gas and petroleum from the earth -- ruins our planet. To support the green movement, Vindiqo has started fracking on other planets! In this simulator, you'll learn a little about that earth-supporting enterprise.

Hint 1: Get the Space Suit

The space suit is currently in a locked cabinet. To unlock that cabinet, walk up to the space suit, and take a right into the darkened u-shaped corridor. Walk to the end of the corridor, and tap the screen.

Use one or two fingers to drag and rotate the shapes into a completed image. You'll hear a click, see a flash, and the puzzle will minimize when it's correct.

If you're having trouble, pay attention to the text. It should read left to right, and shouldn't be upside down.

The space suit should now be unlocked. Walk back to it, and tap it to wear it. Click the "ON-OFF" switch on the right side of the screen to activate it.

Hint 2: Charge the Space Suit

The suit isn't much use without a charge. Walk to the opposite side of the room, where you'll find the VGDaF charger. Tap any one of the four buttons, and just repeat the series of notes to charge your suit. A charge lasts for one minute.

Hint 3: Open the Hatch

After charging and activating your suit, you should be floating. Press the "Activate Simulator" button in the center of the room, and a hatch will open in the ceiling. Fly though it to begin the simulation.

Hint 4: Collect Fracking Juice

Four of the planets -- Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus -- have colored capsules floating inside them. Fly close to the planet, and tap the capsule to pick it up. Once you've collected all four, you can head to the exit.

Hint 5: Escape

The exit door is down a ramp, to the left of the space suit cabinet. Across from the door is a receptacle for the fracked capsules. Place them in order of color, so that each color is flanked by the two closest colors.

The actual order is red, purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow.