Room 1-05: The Brainwash Room

At this point in the rooms, Vindiqo is confident you've been beaten down. You're unable to keep up. You're overworked, over-thought. You're primed for remodelling and reeducation. Welcome to the Brainwashing Room!

Most of these puzzles will feel familiar. Vindiqo is playing on your need for familiarity, a desperate longing for home... they're trying to build comfort in the pain. Don't let them break you!

Hint 1: The Smiley Tile-Switch Puzzle

You've seen this type of puzzle before. If you're having trouble solving this one, just spell out the company name in the big letters, on the middle row. The surrounding tiles will quickly follow.

The tiles will slide up to reveal a gear!

Hint 2: The Electric-V Puzzle

Again, something you may have seen before. Rotate the shapes until they spell the letter "V" for Vindiqo. Hail Vindiqo!

Again, grab the gear.

Hint 3: Hail, Hail Vindiqo

This is a tricky one. Learn to play the company's eternal theme song, one of the catchiest such songs in the history of corporate America. The sheet music will give you clues (as well as the lyrics, of course), as will the red lights on the Token Keyboard.

But if you're not ready to learn a new instrument...

  • A B C E C, C E C B A
  • A B C E C, C E C A B
  • A B C E C, C E C E C B A

Pick up as many tokens as you can carry.

Hint 4: The Gear Puzzle

This gear puzzle is even more hypnotic than the original. You should have two gears (from the Smiley Tile and the Electric V puzzles) already. Go to the Splurge Soda machine and buy the next two gears from that.

The exit door should now open.

Hint 5: In case the door doesn't open...

If the exit door malfunctions, you have two choices. One, wait for two hours and forty minutes.

Or two, notice the screwdriver just beyond reach.

Go back to the Splurge Soda machine and purchase the magnet. Drag that onto the screwdriver, to pull it towards you. Pick it up.

Use it to unscrew the four screws on the wall grate, to the right of the Electric V puzzle.

Follow the tunnel into The Control Room!

Whatever you do, don't eat a Brain Pill. It might foreshadow the emergence of a plotline...

But do press the Manual Door Override button.

That should fix the doors, so you can actually get out. But what is going on here?