Room 1-03: The QA Office

Congratulations! You made the grade! You're now a fully-authorized (and fully-brainwashed) member of Team Vindiqo.

Hint 1: Do Your Job

Follow the red carpet past the busy-bee robots...

...and into your own furnished state of the art cubicle, with your own personal addictiveness monitor. Get settled. Relax. Put your feet up, your hat down, and turn that frown all the way around. This is the final room, the end of the road, and it's all the same from here.

If the GREEN light appears, press the GREEN button. If the RED light appears, press the RED button.

Hint 2: Really, Just Do Your Job

We're serious. The escaping is over. Relax. Accept your new position. Love Vindiqo.

Green light? Press the green button.
Red light? Press the red button.

Hint 3: Come On! Just Do Your Job

Get used to it. This is your fate. Your future. Vindiqo is all there is.

Green -> Green.
Red -> Red.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Hint 4: Okay, If You Don't Like Your Fate...

If you don't like your job, why not go see your boss. Sure, complain! You'll find his cold grey panopticoffice in the middle of the room.

Just march right in and tell him what for!

Hint 5: Unlock the Office Door

Ah, it's locked. You might need a key to get in. I wonder where you'd find one of those...

Hint 6: Explore the Office

The manager's not around...

Something's strange...

Ah, yes... the computer's on the blink. What could a boss do without his handy Vindellqo in operation, anyway?

How can you get it started up again?

Hint 7: Get the Computer Working

Maybe try opening the wall panel. (Are those screws on the base of it?)

Hint 8: Get the Computer Working (More Help)

After unscrewing the wall panel, you'll see two puzzles.

The power supply puzzle on the left is a familiar sight. The computer cabinet on the right is something new.

Both of these probably need to be fixed somehow.

Hint 9: Power Supply Puzzle (1)

Under the computer is a post-it note with the target power, 58kw.

Hint 10: Power Supply Puzzle (2)

By adjusting the second dial to two (with a value of 28) and the fourth dials to two (adding 30), you'll reach a total of 58kw.

Try that!

Hint 11: Repair the Computer Guts

Three items are missing.

Two of them are very warm... very close... but one is back in your cubicle.

Hint 12: Repair the Computer Guts (2)

Grab the hard drive from your cubicle...

The motherboard from just inside the Manager's Office door...

And the fan blades from the Manager's desk...

Click the motherboard into the middle of the cabinet. Shove the VindiPro hard-shell hard-drive into the empty slot, third-down on the right. Carefully place the fan blades into the round slot in the top-left corner.

You'll hear a hum as the computer whirrs back to life again.

Hint 13: Hack into the Computer

While the computer has come to life, it expects a password. Where on earth would you find a password, though?

Hint 13: Get into the Safe

To find the computer password, you need to find the safe's password.

This is like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a gift-packaged box of Vindiqoqos!

Wait- What's that blinking light on the answering machine?

"You have two messages"???

Hint 14: Get into the Safe (2)

Listen carfully to the second message, as Bob resets the safe's password.

See if you can replicate the code Bob entered.

Hint 15: Get into the Safe (3)

Yep, this one is tough. The code is 9855.

And the computer password is....

Another reminder?!?!

Hint 16: Get into the Computer (For Real This Time)

14 + 9 + 84 + 27 + 14.

I'm figuring you must have tried 148. And then maybe "one four eight." Maybe even the numerologists among you tried 13, or 4, or "four". Then some of you tried 149842714.

Sorry. None of those will work.

Did you notice those worker-bee robots wandering around the office?

They're not just pretty faces.

Hint 17: Get into the Computer (For Really Real This Time)

Robot 14 has the letter A on its chest.

Robot 9 has the letter H on its chest.

Once you find four of the robots, you'll manage to spell ALOHA.

(Aloha, of course, is a Hawaiian greeting, a correllary of "Hello," which -- as you might remember -- was the greeting Edison invented. Aloha, indeed!)

Enter the password on the computer, ignore the other icons, press the joystick to open the exit, and get to the exit! Quick!!!