Room 1-02: The Dream Sequence

When the Kno-Q-Out gas was released, it must have trigged a deep and intense dream.
Maybe it was the Kno-Q-Out gas combined with the Brain Pills!
Could this be a dream of the past you've forgotten?

If it is, it's definitely a creepy one.

Hint 1: The First Act

You don't have a token keyboard, and you don't have tokens to buy sodas. You're not even thirsty.

So why are there so many Splurge Soda machines here?

Hint 2: The Splurge Soda Machines

Examining the machines, you might notice that pressing a button lights it up, and pressing it again darkens it.

Perhaps there's a pattern you need to replicate with the buttons.

Hint 3: The Ghost in the Machines

Notice the patterns on each classroom's blackboard...

...and replicate those patterns using the soda machines.
[X] means light the button on that classroom's Splurge machine, and [ ] means leave it dark.

Solve all four machines to release four tasty treats.

Hint 4: The Locker Key

From one of the soda machines comes a key, labeled 53. It's your locker key!

But this is a dream, and you can't quite remember which locker is yours. To make it even worse, almost none of the lockers are numbered.

You can't be expected to try them all. There are a hundred. Perhaps there's a sequence to follow... Something to do with the classroom numbers?

Hint 5: The First Clue to Finding The Locker

Notice that the first locker in each classroom is #1.

The next locker's number just adds the classroom's number.

So each locker in this room is just THREE numbers higher. 1, 3, 7, 10, 13, and so on.

So which room is Locker 53 in? You might want to try subtracting 1 from 53.

Hint 6: The Right Locker

53 - 1 = 52. 52 is divisible by four, so the locker must be in Class Four.

Counting along from Locker 33, adding four for each locker, you'll find it on the second row, second from the left.

Use the key, and take out everything that's inside. Don't forget to grab the dreamy copy of the book. Have you read the book yet, btw? It's from the writer of the game, and it's great!

Hint 7: Find The Maintenance Room

Walk around the back wall, behind the water fountain, avoiding the green drinking water.

Just pass by, circle the back wall, and find the maintence room door. But it requires a passcode to get through! Is there anything around that'll give you the passcode?

Hint 8: The Code to The Maintenance Room

Hopefully you grabbed the UV Goggles (and the Map) from Locker 53. If so, turn on the Goggles now.

The last four buttons to have been touched are 4201. Enter, and walk down the rickety staircase to the basement.

Hint 9: Fix The Pipes

In the basement, the pipes are a mess. That probably has something to do with the foul water and the school being closed. You need to fix these pipes!

If you're stuck, start by correcting the outside pieces. Those are going to be the easiest.

Hint 10: The Solution to The Pipes

If you're still stuck...

Hint 11: The Pipe in the Wall

Now that the water is running again, you should follow the clean water pipe to see where it leads. Unfortunately, it ends at that brick wall.

If you could only get through the wall somehow.

Hint 12: Get through the Wall

Don't forget the map you're carrying...

Hint 13: Really Get Through the Wall

If the map says "yes," that means a brick should be pushed. If it says "no," leave that brick alone.

The wall will crumble along with your memory blocks. This is all so familiar... As if it all happened to you... Now just follow the tunnel to the end.

(If you can't find the end, maybe you're forgetting something.)

Hint 14: How to Beat The Tunnel

Remember to turn on your UV goggles. Maybe they'll reveal what you're not supposed to see.