Room 1-15: The Clockwork Room

The evil voice recommends Vindiqo's trademarked Brain Pills, but you won't find any of those here. Not yet. Instead, you just need to get those gears moving.

Hint 1: Find the Gears

Pick up the four gears scattered around the room. They're like the gears from a watch. Here's one...

Tap it, and it'll be added to your inventory.

  • The first is sitting on the floor, below the gas mask.
  • The second is on the table in the middle of the room.
  • The third is beside the little phonograph, on a table against the wall.
  • The last sits on a cabinet, beside the globe.
Hint 2: Use the Gears

Drag them from your inventory, and release them on the gear hooks, in the following order. The gears will all move, the doors will be activated, and you can escape! (And by "escape," we of course mean "move deeper into the labyrinth of Vindiqo!")