Room 1-14: The UV Room

Warning! Power Failure!

Hint 1: Find the Electric Circuit

Carefully guide your way through the rather nerve-wracking darkness to the Electric Circuit puzzle. (It's on your left.) Use that to get the power flowing, and the lights back on.

Hint 2: Fix the Electric Circuit

When solved, the circuit will connect like so:

Hint 3: Get the UV Goggles

Now you just need the Vindiqo-brand UV goggles. ("Helping you see what you're not supposed to!") They're locked in the cabinet directly opposite the circuit board. But how can you get them out?

All four of the switches flip. But there's only one correct sequence, and by my count 4! minus 1 (aka 23) wrong ones. And every time you play, the sequence changes. There must be a way to tell which is the right order...

The switches only stick if the flip-sequence is correct. So try them one by one, watching to see which one stays flipped. That's the first switch. Now find the second switch in the sequence, the same way.

These UV goggles will help you see what you're not supposed to. Tap them to pick them up, then tap the top-right icon to turn them on or off.

Hint 4: Find the Code

The exit code is written in huge numbers -- in Chinese on one wall, and English on another, just in case.

Hint 5: Here's the Code

Okay, just type 6497 to get out.