Room 1-11: The Maze

The simplest way through Vindiqo's climate-controlled maze is just to follow the rotating V-logos and the map stones. There are some shortcuts... one gets you to the exit door in 75 seconds. You'll have to find those for yourself, though.

Hint 1: Micro Maya

Walk straight ahead, until you reach the giant pyramid staircase, on your left.

Pay no heed to the warning, and walk up the staircase and fearlessly into the pyramid. Follow the staircase and ramps down to the base of the pyramid. When you've reached the ground level, walk to the middle, where you'll find a map-stone. Walk to the floating V nearby.

Move the blocks so that the image is completed by the three right-hand blocks. A door will open.

Hint 2: Recreation of Rome

Now walk straight ahead....

...and take the last right. Walk straight ahead, again take the last right, and again walk to the end. You'll see another rotating-V and another block puzzle.

Move the blocks so that the image is completed by the three right-hand blocks. Another stone door will slide open.

Stop for just a second as you acknowledge the quote, one of Audrey Hepburn's, and then take the left of the two branches at the map-stone.

Walk to the end, and take a right at the graffiti'd wall. (I think it says, "People called Romanes, they go, the house.")

Cross the walking bridge, and on the left, you'll find another block puzzle.

Hint 3: Old Cambodia

Walk straight ahead, taking the last left, and the last left, and the first right...

...and the first right. You'll see the exit now. And one final block puzzle. By hook or by crook, you should be able to best this one.