Room 1-10: The Art Gallery

Welcome to MoVA, Vindiqo's gallery of contemporary art. It's almost as if they're saying, "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair." If they had more taste, they might. Don't miss the imitation Andy Warhol, Andy Goldsworthy, Frank Stella, Gerhard Richter... there's plenty of cheap replica art here. And five dastardly puzzles as well.

Hint 1: Rotation Puzzle

The grand kings of the London art scene, Gibert & George, would probably scowl at Vindiqo's obvious mockery of their work, but all you need to do is tap each piece to rotate it. You'll end up with an image like the one below, but don't forget to grab the key card from the pedestal!

Hint 2: Spot the Difference Puzzle

American sculptor Claes Oldenburg is famous for making large-scale reproductions of everyday objects. Apparently this artist -- the curiously-named Clows Krishnaberg??? -- does the same thing. What is this nonsense? Tap the eight differences, then grab the key card from the pedestal.

Hint 3: Spot the Highlight Puzzle

This abstract drip painting -- surely nothing to do with a Jackson Pollock -- has five highlights you need to identify. The first is the bottom of the V -- tap that spot on the large painting.

The second highlight is on the left side, near the middle.

The third is the top left yellow splat.

The fourth is in the top right corner.

And the last is just to the right of the V. Collect the key card from the pedestal, and move onward!

Hint 4: Tile-Switch Puzzle

Sol LeWitt was one of America's greatest minimalist artists. This piece has absolutely nothing to do with him, though. Touch one tile, then touch another -- the two will switch. It looks complicated, but if you start with the corner pieces, it's do-able.

Below is what you'll end up with. Grab the key-card, and move on!

Hint 5: Exit Puzzle

Between an imitation Magritte and an imitation Rothko lies the exit door. But you'll need to use the keys to get out.

Place each keycard in the reader to complete a face. A little known fact, but these were once all board members of Vindiqo. Yes, even including the Empress Dowager.