Room 1-01: The Finale

Welcome to the most terrificially brutal room yet. Your bedroom.

Hint 1: Okay, we lied

Walk to the bedroom door, and open it. You'll be plunged into a room of absolute terror.

All you have to do to escape this room is press the one red button. But there are hundreds!

Hint 2: Fix the sparking red button

Pick up the postcard on the floor of the button room. This is a good hint...

But if you need a better hint, notice the two spaces with missing buttons on the wall. What's going on there?

Hint 3: Fix the sparking red button (solution)

Unscrew the two screws holding in the wall panel.

Crawl through the tunnel until you reach the art gallery. Find the Yayoi Kusama-esque artwork that's on the postcard.

But it's no longer just a photograph of an installation. This is the installation itself. Climb inside, and retrieve the missing button.

Rush back to the button room to drop it in place on the sparking pedestal.

Now we can begin.

The buttons are unmarked, but let's give them letters to help identify them. To orient yourself, notice the circled pair of screws on the right -- that's the tunnel opening.

Button A

Button A triggers a switch puzzle, directly before you. You've seen something like this before, in the art gallery. But that was a simple puzzle. This one is nothing like that.

Our advice is start with the faces, build the bodies around them, and expand from there. Keys at top, mugs in the middle, and books at the base.

Button A Solution

This is what it'll look like when it's solved:

Button B

Button B triggers a series of icons to be projected on the floor. Blink and you might miss them. Make note of them -- they'll come in handy later.

Button C

This button flips a circuit puzzle on the wall behind you. But touch it, and you'll be shocked. You'll need to solve another puzzle first.

Button C Second Hint

Try Button I!

Button D

This button triggers a set of letters to be projected on the floor. Where can these be used? Where was "hello" once used, in another room?

Button E

Press Button E, and Button F will begin to flash. Press Button F, and if you're listening, you'll immediately know what this is. The rest of the buttons have become a giant token keyboard! Press Button F again to hear the tune, and replicate it. Press Button E to quit the puzzle.

Button F

Pressing this button flips a morse code cheat-sheet directly in front of you. Where could this be helpful?

Button G

Press Button G, and nothing happens. Nothing at all. Press any other button, though, and you might realize what's going on. The rest of the buttons have become a giant nine-button sequence puzzle.

Press a button, and if it stays lit, you've got the correct order. If not, all the buttons will reset.

Button G Solution

Counting Button G as 0, the order is 4, 8, 9, 1, 5, 7, 6, 3, 2

Button H

Pressing button H will activate blue glowing icons on all the other red buttons. Where have you seen these before?

Button H Solution

Turn off the button icons by pressing Button H, and then press Button B. This will show you the icons on the floor. Now press Button H again, to re-activate the button icons. You'll need to press them in order of appearance.

Button I

Button I is your very last power supply puzzle, but once it's solved, it allows you to finish Button C's circuit puzzle.

Button I Solution

Switch the third and fourth dial to the second notch, and it'll flip back. Now Button C's circuit puzzle is solveable.

Button J

A small panel with just two buttons flips in front of you. Click one and a short dot sound plays. Click the other and a long dash sound plays. Remind you of anything? (See Button D and Button F for more assistance here.)

Button J Solution

Press, in the following order:

B: Dash dot dot dot (aka right left left left)
Y: Dash dot dash dash (aka right left right right)
E: Dot (aka left)